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The brand Mreegnaini is one of the most prosperous launches in India . The brand embodies meticulous fineness in each attire and is soaked in a whimsical Indian traditional charm that every regal customer roots for . In the modern world of apparel, it has gained immense recognition due to the pocket friendly appeal and versatility that it holds while catering for something captivating to each and every beautiful women out there.

The brand was established in Delhi India and after the exponential growth . It has become synonymous with the ethnic charm and sleek modernity for today’s women rooted in the modern and staying abreast of modern channels of retail help them reach out to a vast audience all across. Mreegnaini caters to women of all age groups - it wares are available in all sizes and focuses on making every women feel like she owns her own style , trend and tradition.

Fashion has no bar no age or criterion when it comes to flaunting style and tradition and the brand Mreegnaini respect this and wants brand loyalists to go by their personal choices and not because something is trending . A favourite’s with customers consequently . Our goal is to achieve a worldwide wide segment.

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